Sumba (option 2)
Destination - Sumba
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4 days – 3 nights


Start:    Waikabubak (West Sumba)

End:      Waingapu (East Sumba)


Day 01: SUMBA

Upon arrival at Tambolaka Airport, West Sumba, our guide will welcome you then direct start your tour program. Sumba Island is one of the most culturally fascinating places to visit in East Indonesia. The cultural life of Sumba is famous for spectacular rituals, remarkable peaked houses, huge megalithic graves and ikat clothes. Sumba Island is a relatively small island (11,153 km²) with interior made up of grassy highlands, punctured by deep valleys and low hills. Sumba is in East Nusa Tenggara province, its approximately 600 000 inhabitants are divided into four administrative districts. You will visit Tarung and Waitabar villages where you can see some of West Sumba’s best megalithic graves and the house of the village leader decorated with buffalo horns. From all of islands in the archipelago, the western part of Sumba is possibly the most fascinating with regard to its ancestral culture which is closely related to the megalithic tradition. In spite of the spread of Christianity, the belief in the merpau is still strongly felt in the western part of the island. Erecting stone tombs accompanied by sacrifices continue to be carried out until recently.

Meals included: -


Day 02: SUMBA

You will drive to Kodi area where you will visit Ranggabaki, Ratenggaro and Parona Mbaroro villages where you can see traditional houses and stone tombs. In this area you can see traditional houses with the highest roofs in all of Sumba. Sumbanese house is not just a residence, but also a particular kind of social unit. Uma means both the traditional house and the patrilineal group that claims descent from it. All customary Sumbanese houses are built on piles and, apart from the shapes of their roofs, are similar in plan. Houses without towers are symbolic extensions of the single ancestral peaked house, the uma merpau. This house is the meeting place and main ritual site for all of the descendants of the uma. You will stop also at Tossi beach.

Meals included: breakfast


Day 03: SUMBA

You will drive to Waigali village where the Pasola ceremony is usually performed (usually in March). The Pasola is the culmination of a series of fertility rituals. Hundreds of warriors riding on their ponies whirl and throw spears at each other. You will stop at Paigoli, Pasunga and Galubakul villages to admire tomb stones. There are many types of tomb structures found both in East and West Sumba. The Sumbanese adopted the sarcophagus and the dolmen mode of burial. The stone grave consists of a horizontal single-chamber tomb structure and a menhir close to it, or placed on top of the grave. They are erected as monuments to the deceased. For upper class richly sculpted stone tombs are signs of their hierarchical status as leader, through symbolic images carved on the upright stone menhir. They are also regarded as symbolising the image of the ancestor. Afterwards you will continue to Waingapu, the eastern capital and the largest town on Sumba Island. You will discover traditional textiles, famous for their complexity, combining ikat and supplemental ornaments like shells and beads, with beautiful human and animal motifs.

Meals included: breakfast


Day 04: SUMBA

You will visit Prainatang village, isolated up on the hills with very old houses and old tomb stone. Afterwards you will drive to the airport for the flight to the next destination.

Meals included: breakfast

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